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Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi

It has often been descried as a Hawaiian healing massage that promotes nurturing  and loving touch. Passed from one generation to the next, it was and still is a lifestyle of health and wellness, both physically and spiritually. 

The session begins with energy gathering, prayer and setting an intention.

The massage engages mindful touch, which uses the soft parts of the forearms and hands to run continuously along the whole body. The strokes are long, gentle and unpredictable. The flowing movements that feel like gentle waves of ocean washing over the body. They were designed to soothe the conscious mind, to promote letting go of what no longer serves the client.

Lomi touch is nurturing, compassionate and respectful.

Lomi lomi is a practice of being present.

Breath work is also used to cultivate mindfulness and to circulate life force.

Lomi Lomi is a spiritual massage that encompasses emotional & spiritual, and not just a physical aspect . Lomi Lomi symbolizes letting go of the old energy and a rebirth of new life.  Due to mind-body connection, it is possible for some people to experience emotional release while the body is being touched. In such case, I professionally hold a safe space with compassion and without judging.

The experience is very deeply relaxing.

We finish the session with a herbal tea or water and sharing how the experience was both for the client and the practitioner.

*not available under 25 years old (exception can be made upon individual decision of the therapist).

*not available on first appointment (in depth consultation is required before decision to accept booking)

*the therapist reserves the right to refuse booking of this treatment

*masage- massage time approx. 60min

*ritual-massage time- approx. 90-110min, total session time-120min

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