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Thai Pregnancy Massage

Thai Pregnancy Massage

Thai pregnancy massage is based on the Traditional Thai Massage but specially adjusted for safeties of pregnancy. Includes squeezing techniques, gentle strokes and rocking the baby in the mother’s belly. It is time when the mum-to-be has the opportunity to concentrate on her own body and at the same build up and develop connection with her baby.

Thai pregnancy massage during pregnancy (prenatal) can be done in the 3rd trimester and after pregnancy (postnatal) a minimum 2 weeks after childbirth if natural or 1 month after if cesarian.

Benefits of Rolling Abdominal Massage:

  • stimulates the baby to move, to reduce pressure on the bladder and urine problems
  • reduces swelling
  • shift the position of the baby to relieve tight muscles of mother’s abdomen-this will reduce back pain
  • supports an easy delivery

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