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My Prices

*Thai Traditional Massage

-60 min-£60
-90 min-£80
-120 min-£100

*Thai Healing Massage

-60 min -£60
-120min -£100

*Thai Traditional Massage – Womens Healthcare

Period Pain


Menopause Symptoms


Pregnancy Massage

-45mins -£45

Aromatherapy Massage


Candlewax Aromatherapy Massage (for non-hairy bodies only)



Hot Stone Massage


*Thai Traditional Massage – Mens Healthcare

Andropause Symptoms


*Ayurveda Massage

-30min-back, neck, shoulder-£30
-45min-back, neck, shoulder-£45
-60min-full body-£55
-90min-full body-£75

*Thaiurveda Massage


*Indian Head Massage


*Anti-cellulite and slimming massage

-60 min -£65
package 8x1hr- £440 (£55 p/hr)

*Sport Massage


*Chair Massage

-15 min -£15

Please note that there is a £20 cancellation fee.

Treatment Types